Free wifi app for tourists to Japan / Introduction of AICHI Free Wi-Fi Connect and Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi

旅行 英語 海外旅行

In this article, I will introduce you to AICHI Free Wi-Fi Connect and Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi.

If you travel to Japan, I think that you use internet network to search something.
For example, sightseeing places, restaurant, cafe, and so on.

It is useful if you can use free Wi-Fi in the travel.

By using AICHI Free Wi-Fi Connect and Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi, you can use free Wi-Fi easily in Japan.

What is the AICHI Free Wi-Fi Connect?

AICHI Free Wi-Fi Connect is the application which is made by Aichi prefecture.
And it is for travellers from foreign countries to Japan.

This application is in 'kokosil'.
Kokosil is the other application, and you can see AICHI Free Wi-Fi Connect page in this app.

Aichi prefecture think if travellers use AICHI Free Wi-Fi Connect, they can stay in Japan and go sightseeing comfortably.
If you go to foreign countries, you can use free Wi-Fi easily in the town and hotels.

But it is a little difficult to use free Wi-fi in japan yet.
You maybe search for information about sightseeing by using internet.

I wish you use this app, and you can go sightseeing in Aichi and Japan comfortably.


How can you use AICHI Free Wi-Fi Connect?

You can use AICHI Free Wi-Fi Connect in below languages.

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Thai
  • Japanese

Also you can use free Wi-Fi in below ways.

  1. Connecting by using Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi or TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi.
  2. Not using above app(in 1.), connecting free Wi-Fi.

You can use both of the ways, you can select which you like.

You can use AICHI Free Wi-Fi Connectby following next pictures.
(but pictures in Japanese, so please my introduction and you use app in English or other languages.)

this picture from:AICHI Free Wi-Fi Connect

Firstly, you have to download 'kokosil' app in google play or apple store.
After you get app, you launch the app and tap the item of 'AICHI Free Wi-Fi Connect'.

this picture from:AICHI Free Wi-Fi Connect

When you tap the AICHI Free Wi-Fi Connect, there is a display about terms of service and notice.
You should check them and if you agree, please agree button.

After your agreement, 'Wi-fi connection app' is displayed.
You can download below app by links.

  • Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi(This is recommended)
  • TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi(not recommended)

If you download these app and register to use, there are more chance to use free Wi-Fi.
It become more comfortable.

If you tap the 'back' button, you go top page of AICHI Free Wi-Fi Connect.

When you 'Wi-Fi connection' button, you can see SSID list which you can use.
There is 'Wi-Fi connection app' button at the left side below, you can choose Wi-Fi connection app.

And there are 'Aichi official guide for sightseeing', 'traffic access', 'some languages call center for travellers', 'muslim information' below.

this picture from:AICHI Free Wi-Fi Connect

What is the 'kokosil'?

What is 'kokosil'?
'kokosil' is app which introduce you to information about sightseeing spots, cities and museums.
If you download, you can get information not only about AICHI Free Wi-Fi Connect, but also others.
It is useful.

Now, I introduce you to what you can do by using kokosil.
Ofcourse English is supported.

To check about sightseeing spots, stores, restaurants, institutions, and so on.

this picture from:kokosil | how to use

  • By searching categories or keywords, you can check sightseeing spots, stores, restaurants, institutions which are registered.
  • search result is can be checked on maps and by lists.
  • favorite spots can be bookmarked.

You can check latest information about cities.

this picture from:kokosil | how to use

  • You can check the news and events at cities.
  • You can check the discount news and limited events from stores and restaurants.

Check about near places where you are

this picture from:kokosil | how to use

  • When you are near the marker setting at cities, you can get information about near places automatically.
  • Also you can get touching ucode NFC tag.

By reviews, you can tell others places which you like.

this picture from:kokosil | how to use

  • By using reviews, you can tell the your favorite places and you can get information from other's reviews.

this picture from:kokosil | how to use

  • Navigate you to the destinations(stores, sightseeing spots) on the map.

Automatic noticing information places which you are interested in.

this picture from:kokosil | how to use

  • When you pass near the places where you registered before, you can get notice automatically.

Experiments by tour guide

this picture from:kokosil | how to use

  • You can use tour guide about going historical, natural, literary spots.
  • When you get spots, app guide by voice.

※now you can use only 'Ginza', 'Komae', 'nasushiobara', 'daisen-park'

What is the Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi?

this picture from:Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi | about app

You can connect free Wi-Fi easily by using this app.
And also you can find free Wi-Fi by using this app.

When you get the area at free Wi-Fi, only tapping 'Connect' button, you connect free Wi-Fi.

  • All features are free.
  • You have to register to use only at once.
    ※You have to register e-mail address or SNS account.
    So I recommend you register to use before coming to Japan.
  • You can select 16 languages including English, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, German, Russian.

You can check detail at Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi web pages.
Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi is here

What is the TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi?

For foreigners who stay short in Japan.

Actually, The rumor says that TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi collect the user data from this app and that TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi send big data to partner companies.

It is good if TRAVEL JAPAN Wi-Fi thought from user's perspective.

Conclusion from this article

  • Let's use AICHI Free Wi-Fi Connect app!
  • Let's download kokosil to use AICHI Free Wi-Fi Connect!
  • Let's download Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi to use AICHI Free Wi-Fi Connect comfortablly.